Kitchen Island With Seating Around

Kitchen Island With Seating Around. Of course, it works only if your kitchen is big enough and you have enough space for such a big kitchen island. Instead of shuttling plates back and forth from dining room to kitchen, it's a simple matter to slide them right on over to the diner—just a few feet away.

Kitchen Islands with Seating
Kitchen Islands with Seating (Pauline Obrien)

The kitchen island is a must-have in most homes. These days, a kitchen island with seating has become the necessary feature for one kitchen. The area under the island's worktop is also.

Every kitchen needs an island; better yet, a kitchen island with seating.

Kiss your cluttered countertop days goodbye.

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Kitchen island ideas for stunning spaces: you'll love our inspirational gallery of kitchen island units that are as practical as they are stylish. 'When place in the centre it should leave enough floor for you to manoeuvre around and access the rest of the kitchen. Choose kitchen island bar stools or kitchen island chairs that fit the space and are comfortable enough to sit in while you eat or work. An island can fulfil many kitchen needs, from extra storage to more workspace – and it's easy to incorporate seating into the mix, too, as this selection These super-comfy, high-backed, upholstered stools are nestled around a slightly curved island, making a great sociable area for a drink and a chat.

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